Gábor Koleszár from Sárospatak

German teacher

All students have got different goals. Some of them would like to pass the language exam to obtain their degree, somebody would like to chat with their foreign friends, others use the languge in their works and some of them learn German for hobby. Everyone can achieve their goals at the Open Learning Centre.

As I know the purposes are different. So my lessons bring into focus the communication in German. We solve everyday situations and practise grammar. The syllabus and the methods of my lessons are fully varied, I like the pairwork, teamwork and listening also.

Students are on different levels of German in the groups; however, they help each other to solve the tasks. As the groups are small-sized we have time and opportunity to the differentiated education and we help students not to get behind. Besides, the tasks are communicative and encourage the participants to social activity during the lessons.